TIMco Solo Woodscrews – Zinc – Pan Head

A single thread woodscrew mainly used in various types of timber and man-made boards or into masonry with the use of a plastic plug.
  • Pan head with a square recess to improve clamping
  • Wax lubricated to enhance screw insertion time, extra driving torque and resistance to corrosion
  • 40° deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance
  • 25° sharp point and single lead for a fast start and improved thread acceptance
  • All sizes up to and including 75mm are fully threaded and lengths 80mm and above all have 70mm thread length
Code Description Finish Box Qty Carton Qty Box Carton 10+ Cartons 20+ Cartons Box Qty & Buy
40020SQPSZ 4.0x20mm (200pcs/box)ZINC 200 pcs 75 boxesLogin to see pricing
40025SQPSZ 4.0x25mm (200pcs/box)ZINC 200 pcs 8 boxesLogin to see pricing
40040SQPSZ 4.0x40mm (200pcs/box)ZINC 200 pcs 35 boxesLogin to see pricing
50040SQPSZ 5.0x40mm (200pcs/box)ZINC 200 pcs 35 boxesLogin to see pricing