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Intumescent Pipe Wrap

For installation around plastic piping/trunking passing through fire resistant structures such as walls & doors. During the primary construction phase of projects, tolerance is in built to enable the fitting of a pipe wrap once the other services have been installed. In case of fire the intumescent material expands & crushes the pipe or trunking, sealing off this area & maintaining the integrity of the structural elements through which it passes
  • Easy to place around pipes and trunking to slide into position
  • Intumescent material unaffected by water, non-flaking and difficult to tear
  • Soil, waste and drainage 'above ground' applications
  • Can be used with concrete and masonry walls and concrete floor constructions
  • 4 hour fire rating in vertical & horizontal applications
  • 10 year guarantee
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487672 Pipe Size 55mm Intumescent Pipe Wrap – 210x80x5mmm (1pc) Graphite 1 pc 10 pcsLogin to see pricing
487289 Pipe Size 82mm Intumescent Pipe Wrap – 285x80x5mmm (1pc) Graphite 1 pc 10 pcsLogin to see pricing
487664 Pipe Size 110mm Intumescent Pipe Wrap – 385x80x5mmm (1pc) Graphite 1 pc 10 pcsLogin to see pricing
487352 Pipe Size 160mm Intumescent Pipe Wrap – 540x80x5mmm (1pc) Graphite 1 pc 10 pcsLogin to see pricing