Workshop Consumables

6mm Nylon Rope

A general purpose rope suitable for towing, mooring, barrier rope, lorry tie, agricultural and industrial uses. Also widely used as a cable draw cord. Ideal for all general purpose building use.
  • Polypropylene rope is strong, light and versatile
  • Easy to tie and will hold knots well
  • Waterproof and will not shrink when wet
  • Can be stored wet
  • Resistant to rot, mildew and most chemicals
  • Avaiable in: 20m reel with winder, 30m coils & 220m coils
Sold Individually. Discount available on Carton Quantities.
Code Description Finish Box Qty Carton Qty Single Price Carton 10+ Cartons 20+ Cartons Box Qty & Buy
BR620W 6mm x 20m BLUE Polypropylene Rope with Wnder (each) Blue 1 pc 30 pcsLogin to see pricing
BR630C 6mm x 30m BLUE Polypropylene Rope Coil (each) Blue 1 pc 24 pcsLogin to see pricing
BR6220C 6mm x 220m BLUE Polypropylene Rope Coil (each) Blue 1 pc 4 pcsLogin to see pricing